How to white label your Swarm account

This page walks you through the steps to follow to enable white labeling on your account.

How to White Label Your Account

Step 1: From within your Swarm account, click on your profile picture in the bottom left corner and select Settings.
Step 2: A settings window will pop up. Select the White Label tab. If you're not already on the Expert plan, you'll be able to upgrade your account and the white label features will be enabled.
Step 3: Enter a subdomain in the Custom Domain box.
Step 4: Add an entry to your DNS to point the CNAME to Swarm.
Step 5: Click Validate to check that your subdomain is pointing correctly.
Step 6: Once validated successfully, you'll be able to make additional customizations:
a) Select a Space. This is the Space that members will be directed to when they sign up or log in via your personalized subdomain. Please note: When this is set, the private space will not be available to any users on your white label site.
b) Give your white label a name. This name is used in meta information on your white label site.
c) Change the brand colors. Select a Primary, Secondary, Accent and Navigation color. These colors will override the Swarm defaults when you access your white label site via the customer URL.
  • Primary: This color is used for primary buttons and links.
  • Secondary: This color is used for secondary buttons.
  • Accent: This background color is usually used in popups or to highlight an element on a page.
  • Navigation: This background color is used in left and top navigation areas.
Step 7: Click Save Changes and visit your white label url to see your branded site.
You'll notice that the white label settings screen is not visible on your white label site. To make any changes, make sure you do this via
In addition, when using, you'll notice that all invite links are using your domain.

How to install your White Label app

To install your white label app, simply visit the custom domain you're using from a mobile device and follow the steps to install the app on your phone.